Why this blog aims to make $0…ever.

Why this blog aims to make $0…ever.

Many bloggers jump into this — especially in finances — hoping to make money from it, or a career.  But, surprise, surprise, personal finance readers (like yourselves) tend to be frugal folks who spend little and save more — which is great!  Your humble writer, however, has a different goal, and I want to be transparent about it: . . . 

I’m here to share things that have helped us in our journey about personal finances, connect with others, learn, and have fun.  That’s what FWP is about.  Helping you on your journey, sharing ours, and learning from our readers.

In a nutshell, I would much rather see each of you living well, living within your means, finding purpose/meaning in your life, and deploying your resources in ways that enrich your life.  And then sharing about that.  That’s the overarching goal here.

Accordingly, that’s why this blog aims to make $0, ever.  Would it be great if the blog paid for itself (it does cost a minimal amount to run)?  Sure.  But you’ll notice that, to date, there’s no advertising, few if any links to Amazon or other outside sites, and so on: the goal here is to share with you folks who are kind enough to stop by.  That’s what will make this place better.

Now, with that said, will I link to a product or service sometime?  Sure, I may.  If there’s something I’ve found helpful, I may want to share it with you.  Or I may drop an affiliate link to something that I would have wanted to link to anyway.  But you’ll notice that FWP doesn’t have what many sites feature – links to many services that happen to pay big commissions.  Those may be useful services, and, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with doing that (or with bloggers who do), but that’s not what FWP is doing.  Thankfully, being debt-free, we’re surviving OK without seeking ways to increase our income.

To be fully transparent, we’ve posted the Privacy Policy, Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Terms of Service here, which covers all of this in greater detail.  (Yay for lawyers.)

Now that you know what FWP is about, I’ll tell you another thing we want to be fully transparent about: your information.  (Again, please see the Privacy Policy.)  At FWP, we do not knowingly sell or share your information; instead, we only collect emails, and we only use that to send out blog posts/updates.  You probably assumed that, as I would, but we want to be explicit about it.  The Privacy Policy tells you about this in more detail and clarity.  I’m here to communicate and connect, not make money off of you; it’s what I hope that others do for me when I read blogs, so it’s what I deliver to you here.

Finally, there’s one other thing I will do to keep you updated: if there’s ever a large change, we’ll let you know about it.  I value transparency and want you to be informed about FWP.  We may not email every time a lawyer changes a word in the terms of service, but if something really significant changes, I’ll try to let you know so that you’re aware.

As always, I am curious to know what you – the subject of this blog – think about it all…

Now that all the lawyer stuff is out of the way, back to more finance-related posts: I’m excited about several upcoming posts, including personal stories.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Sounds like you are creating a community to bring everyone together and really build from there 🙂 I have a feeling that if you keep it up the money will follow!!! It always does 🙂

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