About Me

About Me

Life is lived for a purpose, and money is just a means.

But how might one deploy (or acquire) resources to pursue life’s loftier purposes?  That’s what I intend to explore as I continue learning, sharing stories like how, with a little coaching, one friend went from homeless to independent in less than a year, with cash to spare.  Stories like that inspire and encourage me.

How did I get here – my story?

I grew up a person of modest means, in a working-class family.  My grandfather grew up a sharecropper, my father a tradesman, and I am the first to join the professions.  An overachiever, I pursued a path many dream of: degrees from the nation’s best universities, sought-after jobs…and then came the long hours, the stress, the lack of sunlight, and…those staggering student loans.  It’s hard to sleep well with ten loans, some at 8.5% or more, totaling $150,000+ of debt — more than enough to buy some of my friends’ houses.

So I attacked the loans with gusto until, several years later, the loans were repaid — about $200,000.  But along the way, I immersed myself in personal finance, shared what I learned, and watched it transform those around me as well.  And I liked it.  And even now, others ask me about it.

Fast forward to today: I’m married, still in a fast-paced career, still writing, still budgeting, but have realized that there’s an even better way to live.  Maybe all that intensity inside could be used for my financial future.  And maybe it’ll be more fulfilling to share that journey with others – this time, intentionally.

Our motto here: saving you money, saving your future, finding your purpose. 

In my career, I am a writer, a consultant, and a speaker; I have interviewed across all types of media, written for various outlets, and worked alongside some of the best professionals in my business.

But none of that is as rewarding as watching individuals’ lives change as a result of conversations and sharing about finances.  So here, I am exploring those conversations related to personal finance.  It even drew me into a job as a part-time financial planner.  I love helping others with finances and love sharing stories about lives changing.

What’s the goal?

For me, it’s to deploy resources wisely in order to pursue life’s greater purposes.  But one of those purposes is to share with others along the way, and explore how to find one’s purpose.  Because it’s not as fun traveling alone.

Specifically, my first goal is to share what I’ve learned – and am learning – as a personal finance aficionado.  My second goal is to achieve financial independence in order to pursue life’s greater purposes, which, for me, includes writing.  And ideally, it will also free me up for things such as travel with my adorable wife, before we need a walker and an O2 canister, or, like my father, simply don’t survive long enough to make that dreamed-of trip.

Let’s explore the writing and finances – and make some friends along the way.

Will you join me? 

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