Student Loan Conqueror! A Guest Post at Less Debt, More Wine

Student Loan Conqueror! A Guest Post at Less Debt, More Wine

Today Liz, a popular personal finance blogger, published the story of how I repaid $200,000 in student loans.  (You can find more on that here, and more tips for repayment here as well.)  Liz’s blog is called Less Debt, More Wine (great blog title, eh?).

In addition, I’ll soon be posting my ultimate guide for student loan repayment, where I’ll share with you all of the things that helped me do this efficiently as well as the tips, tricks, and other things I wish I had known at the start of the process.  Some if it appears here already, but after reading so many stories from those still struggling with debts, I’m working on a full-length post that will give everyone who’s paying student loans a comprehensive launching point, full of tips and helpful information.

Today, this is a reminder for all who are struggling with debt: you can do it!  Start small and work towards your goals.  Liz publishes a series which she calls “Student Loan Conquerors” full of stories from people who have conquered significant student loans debts and are now debt-free.  I encourage you to check it out any time you need motivation!

What about you?  What’s your student loan struggle?  Are you in the midst of repayment?  Any particular challenges?  Ever feel like it’ll take forever, it’s just too much to repay, or wish you could do it more quickly?  Feel free to share your frustrations here: believe me, I feel you.

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