My Latest Financial Freedom Convert

My Latest Financial Freedom Convert

As readers know, this blog seeks to make $0 ever…but today’s post is all about why I do this: seeing peoples’ financial lives change in ways that greatly enhance their overall lives.  Especially if it helps someone live vigorously – seeking financial freedom in order to serve others.

And every time it happens, it renews my faith in human potential.  This time was no exception.  I fight to see a world where everyone can live out their purpose and organize their lives in ways that allow them greater freedom.

Recently, a friend caught up with me and our talk turned eventually to finances. Like me, she wants a fulfilling job and the freedom to select or decline any job without focusing on compensation, because that would free her up to do great things in the world.  She’s imaging the possibilities she would like to explore.

Putting Purpose First

So I asked: what’s stopping her? Had she considered “early retirement,” or perhaps saving a bit more, and then living off of the returns? She’s a wise saver, and a high earner, so she had been saving for years – even without focusing on it quite as much as personal finance bloggers or internet retirement geeks.  (Not everyone is an engineer who reads Mr. Money Mustache.)


Like me, she works in a fast-paced career and saves, but probably put “retirement” on autopilot years ago, like some fancy thing that one day, somewhere down the line, you’ll need to think about – decades before arriving.

Contemplating the meaning of life…

I encouraged her that she could, in fact, achieve her goals much earlier, and shared a story of a friend who is already living that dream. She asked more, I sent her some links, like this one, and hoped the best for her and her life.

A Changing Life: Towards Financial Freedom and Purpose

A few weeks later, she sent me a surprise message: she had, like so many, become obsessed with how to achieve financial freedom.  She dove into Mr. Money Mustache, began plotting her net worth for the first time and learned how long it would take to arrive at financial freedom. She created spreadsheets. After calculations, she realized she’s far closer than me, and may even reach her goal within a few years or less, especially with a few lifestyle changes. She could pursue her true calling, and her husband would be free to pursue things he loves, like design and farming ventures.

So, she began her own financial freedom journey – and it’s my sincere hope that somewhere out there, down the line, many more will benefit from her wisdom and energy once as it is put more squarely in the service of other human beings. And taking the world on a more sustainable path.

She may even begin a blog.  (And if she does, I look forward to sharing it with all of you who have encouraged me so much along the way!)

Which Brings Me To My Purpose

I started Finances With Purpose in hopes of doing exactly this: motivating others to find their purpose and/or calling in life, and achieve it – now – by doing the necessary financial work.  I hoped that, some day, someone would actually read this and perhaps, by chance, be moved through one of the stories I could share to make changes in his or her own life.

And really, my purpose isn’t limited to finances, either: it’s much broader, but I am particularly passionate about finances, economics, and settled upon this since finances touch upon so many areas of life.  (There’s a reason Jesus talked more about money than about heaven.)

But I never imagined it would happen so soon, so directly…and in my everyday life.  While it isn’t finding God, I am happy that, perhaps, in some small way, I could be a small part of someone’s story on their journey towards a more fulfilling life.  A more sustainable life.  A more joyful life.

As the motto here goes, life is lived for a purpose, and money is just a meansIf only one person gets there, in part, because of this blog, and that person passes along those life lessons, then it’ll all be worthwhile…

But that raises the question: what’s your calling?  Your purpose?  And how are you helping others achieve theirs?

7 thoughts on “My Latest Financial Freedom Convert

  1. I love stories like this. It is what I want to do and I want to eventually have the same kind of impact on others. Kudos to you for working with a friend to get her heading in the right direction. You two will be laughing about this one day in the future when you both are retired early!

    Also – the ads in your article are not appearing. Just a heads up! We see the adsense code.

    Thanks for the read today!


  2. Thank you, Bert! Yes, I sure hope so, and love visiting about things like this, especially with likeminded people.

    Thank you for the tip, too! Of course I messed up the one time I ran out the door and forgot to check. Figures. Accidentally pasted into the visual editor instead of text. Oops! All fixed now.

    Hope to see you at FinCon!

  3. Happy to hear your blog is having the intended effect. There’s something potentially uncomfortable about making yourself vulnerable on a blog that can either unwittingly invite harsh judgment or help others examine their lives (financial and otherwise) in an equally candid manner.

    When the former happens, it’s a sad cost of doing business.

    When the latter occurs – what a meaningful way to change the trajectory of someone’s life. By empowering your friend to get her finances in order, you give her the luxury of re-examining her life to reassert her priorities. This gift alone justifies all the hours you’ve invested in your blog.

    Well done!



  4. Thank you, Crispy Doc! Always great hearing from you. You’re right on. I care far more about the upside and don’t mind criticism, so maybe that’s why I’m suited to do this. Here’s hoping there are more good stories to come!

  5. Really appreciable work you’re doing. Motivating others to find their purpose in life is not so easy. It’s shows your caring nature for others. Finance is a subject which attracts initially in young age how to get it to fulfill all requirements, then, grow with age it started to change mind towards saving and at last when having enough savings, its push to think about how to live a meaningful, peaceful life in the rest of life. Finance not everything but it’s just a secure feeling to the end days of anyone.

    1. Thank you, Sophei! I love it. And yes, I wish I too had gotten on finances even more when I was younger – I would already be retired, just doing things that bring meaning – but I’m pumped to share my enthusiasm for it with others.

  6. This is so awesome! It’s always really great to know you helped someone, but helping someone in such a huge ways is…huge.

    I’m in the midst of evaluating my purpose right now. I think that’s one of the challenging and rewarding things about life: our “why” can be and typically is dynamic as time goes on. I’m looking forward to pinpointing mine again, though.

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