Hi Everyone! Welcome to Finances With Purpose

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Finances With Purpose

Welcome to Finances With Purpose!  This is where it begins…financial independence, saving, investing, knocking out debt, and focusing on the more important things in life.

I’m excited to start this blog since it will help me pursue my own goals in life — pursuing relationships and exiting the rat race — while joining the conversation with others who may share an interest.

For more on my goals, purpose, and background, see the About Me page.

A new beginning…with a lot already on the way!

I’m excited because there are a number of posts already in the works: how to go from homeless to independent in a year (a story from my life), conquering $200,000 of student loans, lots of practical pieces about saving & investing, taxes (alas), the must-know guide for eradicating student loans and even finding one’s purpose in life.

I have contributed to a successful blog before, but never before have I run my own, so after almost drowning in a sea of widgets (ask a blogger what that’s about), I’m up and posting.

Here at FWP, we’ll focus on approaching finances with purpose  – to live a more fulfilling life and we’ll cover everything from debt to budgets to investing to selecting Medicare plans (which is how I spent this afternoon, helping my widowed mother) to taxes to psychology to financial independence.  This blog will help me – and hopefully you, too! – make better choices and live a more fulfilling life.

So let’s attack our Finances With Purpose!!!

What’s your purpose?  Anything you would like to see as we move forward?  Any wisdom to share as we begin this journey?

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