Happy Thanksgiving – Some Financial Thankfulness, And a Question For You

Happy Thanksgiving – Some Financial Thankfulness, And a Question For You

Happy Thanksgiving all – I hope you are enjoying this day with family and friends.  I am thankful for my wife, my family, my health, my job – so many things this year.  But on a financial note, we have many things to be thankful for.  Our job, our savings this year, and opportunities to give back.  But even more than all of those, we are thankful this year for the many things that my wife and I have learned about work, about our purpose, about vocations, about aptitudes, and the fulfilment that followed.

I am writing more on this for later – a whole post – but for now, I will share one of the biggest financial and purpose-related things I am thankful for currently.  (It is also a nice idea if you’re looking for stocking stuffers.)  It has helped me financially, helped others, and just helped in life .  Perhaps you will find it helpful too.

Maybe you would like more fulfillment at work.  Maybe you are looking to learn more about your purpose: who you are?  Maybe you are already retired and wondering what you can do for more fulfillment.  Maybe you face a fork in the road regarding your work.  Or maybe you are just starting out and want to know which direction to take.  In all cases, this book was written with you in mind, and I have found it invaluable.

The book – you probably see that image on the right already – is called Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction.  In it, Laura Berman Fortgang takes you through a full life-coaching session, complete with myriad exercises, and a hundred different ways to overcome roadblocks that may prevent you from finding more purpose in work.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

For people like me, who need purpose through work, you may find that pursuit frustrating, and this has been the single best resource I have found to help me, my wife, and my friends move forward.  For a taste of what it is about, you can watch Laura’s TED talk here (Find Your Dream Job Without Ever Looking at Your Resume).

Now, a Question For You

Now you know what I am especially thankful for.  But what about you?  What are you thankful for?  Has anyone or anything really set your life on fire lately with meaning?  What about big financial wins this year?

And, beyond finances, what else are you thankful for?  Can you list ten things?  Five things?  I would love to know what you are most thankful for.  Especially about finances.  Especially about purpose.  And especially something that helps give your life meaning.







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  1. I’m going to have to watch the TED talk and check out the book. I used to love what I did, but had to switch fields. While I like what I do now, I sometimes wonder if it’s the most highly impactful/valuable thing I could be doing.

    Hope your holidays were amazing and we’ll see you back again soon!

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