Happy Fourth of July! (And Some Gratitude Practice!)

Happy Fourth of July! (And Some Gratitude Practice!)

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  As always, I am reminded to thank the veterans in my life who fought so hard and given so much to give us this freedom and to maintain it.

This Fourth was a poignant reminder of how much some have given up so that the rest of us may enjoy those freedoms.  As I sat enjoying fireworks, a close family member and veteran, and avid outdoorsman, remained inside, because no number of years can take away the memories and feelings that accompany sounds reminding him of mortars and bombs.

I hope that you, like me, took a few moments to say a prayer for such men, and offer a word of gratitude.

-Mr. FWP

2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July! (And Some Gratitude Practice!)

  1. Thanks for the shout out to the Vets. I am a disabled Vet, and when I was in the USAF, many people in the USA harbored bad feeling towards us. It’s nice to see the respect for putting our lives on the line.

    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for your service, sir! I’ll have to check your blog, too, as I’m considering real estate investment now.

      One of the best men I know was spit on upon when he returned from Vietnam, yet most Americans will never understand the profound sacrifice he and his family have made to serve this country.

      I really don’t understand not honoring our veterans: we could pay them better, treat them better, and anyone who has issues with a war doesn’t have an issue with a soldier. If someone doesn’t like a war (Vietnam, Iraq, the next war, etc.), then take it up with the people who make those decisions: the guy in the field holding an M-16 didn’t have any time or opportunity to decide whether he thought it was a just war or an ideal war, he just knows he has to protect his comrades. And he’s the one who’ll pay the highest cost.

      In my friend’s instance, he didn’t even have a decision: he was drafted to fight, and fight he did, serving very honorably.

      I’m sure you can tell: it’s something I get very passionate about: we need to honor our veterans and be sure they’re taken care of.

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