Financial update (July 2017) Inching forward

Financial update (July 2017) Inching forward

We once again made some progress, but we ended the month with some excellent news!  More on the news below, but first, here’s how the month turned out.

For July, we implemented several changes in the calculations.  For that reason, July may be a little off compared to past months, so our progress may be obscured.  I’m still deciding what to do with a few things that don’t quite fit into the monthly household expense template, like business expenses that get reimbursed out of business income (before our personal income is counted) and things of that nature.

The markets dipped, yet our savings compensated just enough to continue nudging our net worth upwards.

I also had a devil of a time sorting out some things with our budgeting software, so this month’s update took longer than expected.  Frankly, I’m still working some of that out, and may have to revise these numbers slightly by next month.

But there’s more good news..

All in all, we had a good month.  But the best news will be coming over the next few months.

This month (August), we learned we’re obtaining an unexpected income increase.  And we’re likely due for another soon anyway.  My wife has a side gig that’s suddenly taking off too – so a third increase.  Needless to say, I’m very excited to see what happens the next few months.

This will all show up in the numbers starting in October, I hope.

If all goes well, we’ll begin saving much, much faster.  Our expenses hopefully won’t grow much either.  I’m eager to graph it once those things begin – then we’ll be able to see serious progress once again.

What about you?  Any update on your progress?  Or tips for ours?

2 thoughts on “Financial update (July 2017) Inching forward

  1. Congratulations on narrowing the gap between passive income and expenses! Between the new pay bumps and the wife’s side hustle, it sounds like all that work creating a solid financial foundation is finally paying off. I’ve enjoyed getting to know your site and musings, from giving well and thoughtfully, to the fine example your parents set for a down-on-her luck friend in a time of profound need, to your ability to chip away at gargantuan (if all too common) student debt until it was eliminated. Look forward to your continued success and to celebrating your victories, large and small.



    1. CD,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!! You are very right: I am really looking forward to the update come December or so, after we implement those things. Thank you – love that you stopped by! I will be keeping up with your adventures now as well!

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